As part of their Kinesiology Services, Gold Performance specializes in their Concussion Rehabilitation Program that focuses on exercise and strength work following concussion injuries. Jackie, who was Ontario’s first ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainer suffered a concussion during her second year of University on her NCAA Division 1 Hockey Scholarship. She was fortunate to work with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center under the direction of World-Renown Concussion Specialists, Dr. Lovell and Dr. Collins who were the Concussion Specialists for Sidney Crosby and other well-known sports figures. This rehabilitation was her inspiration in starting a Concussion Testing and Rehab Program. Not only has she experienced a life-changing concussion injury but she has also completed all the necessary education and training to be able to implement this Concussion Program as a Kinesiologist.

Did you know there are different types of concussions?

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